There are four components I need for the composition of a drawing. I look for rock, tree, water and sky to be in a balanced relationship with one another. When I find this balance, I try to accurately depict the specific location -the trees and rocks of the island or land- but take liberty with clouds in the sky, wave patterns on the water, and the quality of light reflecting off the four components.

I use graphite (pencil) for its versatile qualities. The medium is useful in rendering the different textures of the four components, and this contrast in texture is appealing to me. Graphite has an infinite range of tonal value, which I use to emphasize the light in defining the texture and depth in the drawings. In addition, by using graphite, it eliminates the distraction of color, and allows the subtleties of light and texture to become more apparent.

I focus on the Maine coast because I feel intimately connected to it. For many years I lived on the water in a small sailboat, in my coastal community of Belfast. The boat allowed me to study this coastal view (actively and passively) during various times of the day and tidal cycles, year round. Water has had a major influence on my life and is the daily inspiration for my art.